Structure of Leadership


Structure of Leadership

The following persons are elected by the General body for the period of three years by majority vote. They can be re-elected so long as the people need them.

1. The General Body:

  1. Office Cabinets:
  2. Twelve Executive Members.
  3. All elected village leaders and
  4. Elected leaders in every town and city where sizeable Kukis.

2. Office Cabinets:

  1. Chairman : Dr. T. Lunkim
  2. General Secretary : Dr. S. Chongloi
  3. Vice Chairman : Mr. Kamkhohao Khongsai
  4. Asst. Secretary : Mr. Kakam Haokip
  5. Secy. Infor & Pub. : Mr. Seiboi Haokip

3. Executive Members:

  1. President and General Secretary – Kuki Students’ Organization GHQ
  2. President and General Secretary – Kuki Women Union
  3. President and General Secretary – Kuki Women Organization for Human Rights
  4. Mr. Jangmang Haokip
  5. Mr. Lunsei Touthang
  6. Mr. Lunthang Haokip
  7. Ms. Helam Haokip
  8. Ms. Hevah Kipgen
  9. Pr. Kh. Chongloi
  10. Mr. Hemang Haokip
  11. Mr. George Guite
  12. Mr. Hahao Chongloi

The decision of the Office Cabinet which includes, Office Cabinets and Executive usually are executed and it is final. However, when need arises, General Body is summoned and General Body takes decision which is implemented by Office Cabinets.